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With over 30 years’ experience, we’ve gained an impressive list of satisfied clients who have all had money put back in their pockets. Here’s what some of them had to say about working with us.

Kevan Wakerley

Finance Director of Excalon

“We have been using Catax for our Research & Development tax relief since 2015 and have received excellent service, we have received a rebate on our R&D related costs from 2014 totalling over £306,000 to date, going up year on year. Catax has made this entire process smooth from initial technical call through to receiving our rebate, we wouldn’t have had the knowledge or skills to be able to process these claims as efficiently and effectively without them.”

Simon Young

Director of SF Taylor

“We have been working with Catax since 2014 on our Research & Development tax relief claims. Catax has been able to identify R&D going back to 2012, over the last few years we have received a significant rebate. We are thrilled with the service Catax has provided as they have always been professional and communicative throughout this processes, a process that we would not have been able to do without them. The whole procedure has been painless, with all the legwork undertaken by Catax.”

David Broomhead

Director of Doublezero Solutions

“We were first approached by Catax in early 2017 with regards to claiming for Research & Development Tax Relief.  Catax identified our R&D spend over the past 2 tax years, going back as far as 2015. As a result, we are delighted that we have now received a total rebate of £13,549.23 for the Research & Development we have undertaken. The service provided has always been excellent, with clear communication and dedication to helping my business get the most out of the process. Catax made this process simple with their dedicated team of experts, I would highly recommend their services and will continue to utilise them myself.”

Grant MacFarlane

CEO & Founder of Macfarlane Media Ltd

“When approached by Catax about the potential of making an R&D claim, we were unsure if and how we would qualify. Catax worked alongside us to understand our business and the work we had undertaken, helping to secure more than we could ever have imagined! By securing this tax relief we are able to reinvest in our business continuing to develop as one of the UK’s leading specialist digital agencies. I would highly recommend any business to speak to Catax about their R&D claim”

James Waring

Finance Director of Cenergist Ltd

“We saw Catax present at a local networking event and decided to pursue our R&D claim with them. From day one Catax were great to deal with, keeping us informed of our progress throughout. Their attention to detail and knowledge of the legislation meant that we saw a substantial return, allowing us to continue to invest in ongoing and future projects. We would certainly recommend any small or medium size business to speak with Catax.”

James Ovenden

Director of Ovendens UK Limited

“We had never heard of R&D tax relief and were delighted when Catax identified that we were eligible to make a claim. The whole process was very straightforward, with little input from ourselves. We would encourage any business to speak with Catax!”

Areas of R&D
– Ovenden UK Limited have sought an advance in technology through the design and development of software platform modules. These modules are in effect the advancement of a platform which provides the company with an all-encompassing business process management solution; including functionality tailored specifically to the company’s target market. The aim was to develop a high quality, robust system achieving functional parity with turn-key systems, within a more palatable budget.

Dave Trowell

Managing Director of Allasso Recycling Ltd

“This was the first time we had claimed R&D tax credits and the process was smooth and issue free with the help from Catax. We were guided through each stage of the process and ended up with a fantastic result, having received over £80,000 in R&D tax credits.  I would recommend anyone that isn’t claiming for R&D to speak with Catax.”

Vince Gibbs

Managing Director of Gibbs Surfacing Ltd

“We were very pleased with services provided by Catax. The staff were very friendly, informative and helpful throughout the whole process keeping our time involved to a minimum.  They took the time to understand our business and processes to make sure no R&D was missed in our claim.  We received over £203,000 in R&D tax credits which has allowed us to further invest into our business and new projects.  We would not hesitate to recommend Catax to others considering an R&D claim”

Stephen Durrans

Managing Director of Jay-Be

I would like to take this opportunity to comment on your very efficient handling of our R&D Tax Claim. As you know we have claimed for a full two yrs ( 2014 / 15 ) which proved very successful literally removing all our Tax Liability over the two yrs. We are in the process of claiming this 2016 Tax Yr and hopefully looking forward to equal success.

Like all busy Businesses, we didn’t realise the value of the legislation and it wasn’t obvious what would be allowed under the scheme.
With your simple non-intrusive method of working and understanding of our Business,  we have recovered more Tax than we ever expected which can be re-invested in the Business for future growth.

I can do no more than recommend the whole process”

Richard Hoyes

Managing Director of Premier Hank Dyers

“Working with Catax was such a simple process, I had no idea that much of our business activity would qualify for tax relief. It was certainly worthwhile for Premier Hank Dyers Ltd”

Simon Roberts

Director of Stellasoft Ltd

“For the third year in succession, our customer experience has been extremely smooth … we continue to collaborate with a well-informed team of professionals at Catax – they are to be highly commended!”

Anthony Healy

Director of Healy Chemicals LTD

“The Work Catax was to the highest standard, above and beyond any other tax consultancy we have ever worked with. They are professional, organised and they explain everything to help the whole process to flow with ease”

Simon Day

Director of D3 Events LTD

“Catax assessed the potential of our claim and gave us an honest and genuine opinion on the likelihood of success. They only indulged in the necessary and where swift, thorough and professional. I guess the litmus test is whether I would use them again or take on another R&D claim ourselves….Easy choice, I’d give them a call without hesitation”

Nadine Rankin and Darren Pearson

Managing Directors of Exposure 4 Limited

“From a cold call to just a few short weeks later, getting confirmation that our refund was on its way, this has been a great surprise to us all round. It’s surprisingly simple to do – Catax take all the pain out of it – and it’s over really quickly! Definitely worth it for what you get back. We also asked our accountants why they hadn’t raised this with us and they were largely unaware of this tax benefit, and didn’t think they could handle such a claim. So – thank you Catax!”

Angus Dudgeon

General Management Consultant of Terry Tew Sound & Light Limited

“We have had excellent service from the admin team at Catax. They were clear in what they required from us, efficient at processing the information and we achieved a successful outcome. I look forward to the next claims being as successful. Thanks again”

Victor Wu

Managing Director of Constant Power Solutions LRD

“We are very pleased with services provided by Catax. The staff were very informative and helpful throughout the whole process. We would not hesitate to work with you again”

Martin Davidson

Director of AMI Marine UK Limited

“Dealing with Catax has been a pleasure. Everyone is extremely helpful and friendly, and the whole process has been a painless experience. Thank you to all at Catax”

Steve Burton

Managing CEO and Financial Director of Burton Performance Centre Limited

“After our initial contact with Catax, a meeting was arranged in early April. Our year end is 30th April leaving very little time to complete our tax relief claim. They carried out a thorough investigation of our records and processes and took all this information away for further examination. Further information was then requested from key personnel within our company to complete and finalise our claim within this very short timeframe. I was expecting to be jumping hurdles and being placed under pressure to complete deadlines but the whole process was carried out in a very smooth and professional manner. The result was a successful claim and additional revenue for further investment in our business. Thank you Catax!”

Phil Hardy

Managing Director of Securicare International Ltd

“The process from initial call to payment was handled very professionally by Catax. I am happy to recommend them to anyone who thinks they may have a claim”

Anthony Rowland

Director of Rowland Brothers International Ltd

“We were very pleased with what you were able to obtain”

Chris Jenkin

Managing Director of Enterprise Plants Ltd

“Working with Catax was very simple. After the initial fact finding, we had to do very little. They are very professional and to the point and I’d happily recommend working with them”

Kieron O'Connor

Director of Northumbrian Ice Cream

“Catax guided us through each stage of the process and took information we had readily available to convert into a claim on our behalf.”

David Whicker

Finance Director of Cliffe Enterprise Limited

“I would highly recommend R&D Tax Solutions. They were professional prompt and delivery 100% of what they promised”

Michael Pittas

Director of Pittas Foods Limited

“A very smooth and simple project and dealt with high professional people”

Andrew Tomblin

Director of Thames Lubricants Ltd

“Excellent service and quickly assimilated the intricacies of our business”

Ben Cann

Director of Visppro Ltd

“Catax have enabled us to apply for something we would not have had the knowledge or time to complete and have carried it out in a professional and efficient manner”

Fazila Malek

Director of Fazila Foods Limited

“I am very pleased with the quality of service provided by your team. Thank you!”

Bill Brisco

Director of Albil Engineering Limited

“I saved, £4000 on our tax bill for 1 year, they were thorough without spending hours of our time”

Richard Duckworth

Director of Inktech

“Working with Catax was very straightforward – after the initial review the whole process was completed in just one morning meeting. They were slick in their approach and kept us updated. We will certainly use them again at some point in the future”

Phillip Hewitt

General Manager of Ringspann

“The whole experience of working with Catax was a pleasant one. The staff were knowledgeable, courteous and very helpful right throughout the process and the savings they helped us achieve have been reinvested to further enhance our service and product offering to our customers. We shall certainly continue to use Catax services in the years to come”

Lynda Allsopp

Director of Derek Anthony Limited

“In a matter of weeks our R&D tax credit claim was submitted to HMRC and shortly thereafter, we received a cash benefit. I would have no hesitation in using the services of Catax again, and would definitely recommend their services. Their level of due diligence enabled me to concentrate on other important business matters whilst they handled the claim and all communication with HMRC”

Paul Carey

Chief Financial Officer of Pastest Limited

“Catax provided an excellent service which resulted in a significant repayment from HMRC with a fairly low level of effort required from myself and our staff”

Vic Sylvester

Corporate Account Manager of Millgate Connect Limited

“We spoke to Catax and did not realise the saving and benefits we could get back from the Inland Revenue. With the help of Daniel Murray, we were able to make a claim for Research & Development for some of our developed processes and were successful and got over £7,000 back. We are very grateful for all of RD Tax help in this matter”

Venkata Ganesan

Managing Director of Inca Infotech Ltd

“Catax fully understands effort expended by SME companies in the R&D sphere and has been a great help in getting the claims sorted in a timely manner”

Clive Hornsby

Company Director of Hub Ware Ltd

“A simple and quick 3 step process to discover if we had a legitimate claim, which accountants cannot or do not do. The step by step process was easy to follow and only needed the required information to complete each step. This is important as we knew at each stage in the process, the likelihood of progressing the claim and the additional information required for the next step. This is a much better approach than spending time collating all the data for the claim and then discovering afterward that the claim was not eligible because an initial qualification was not met. A great experience and a service I am recommending to other companies”

Kath Parr

Accountant of Imperative Training LTD

“I felt the service we received from Catax was first class and seamless from start to finish. The work visits were friendly and informative and not at all intrusive, they were easy to understand and the staff involved were polite and explained everything clearly and didn’t mind the hundred questions asked by me at times. The speed of the actual claim was about 8 weeks in total and we received the money within a few weeks of getting the letter informing of us of the value. I would definitely recommend Catax to anyone who was considering this service – couldn’t fault it at all, thank you”

Kevin Norton

Director of The Insurance Octopus

“I couldn’t be happier with the final outcome of the work Catax conducted on our behalf. After we had provided an overview of our business, they assisted in investigating each qualifying area and have maximised the R&D allowances we were due. I would have no hesitation in recommending any business to speak with Catax to see how they could help them in this specialised area”

Jeremy Lowes

Managing Director of Crystal Galleries Limited

“Good set off guys, process simple, team at Catax well versed and professional. Seamless, simple and easy step by step process – great people to work with and they keep it simple!!! Win win”

Steve Wallace

Company Director of Maronash Limited

“Catax were great at pulling together the necessary information for my claim and little input was needed by me”

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